The Bookshelf

Hi friends! I’m so excited to officially announce our first Happily Ever Ginger Group, The Bookshelf! The Bookshelf is an online book club tailored to meet you right where you are in any season of life. It's meant to provide some time for rest, rejuvination and revelation in the midst of life's craziness, even if just for a moment. With weekly, open-ended discussions and an easy-to-achieve reading schedule, The Bookshelf is a place for you to learn and connect with others as you walk through whatever the Lord wants to reveal to you in your reading. 

So, how does The Bookshelf work?


Everything related to The Bookshelf will take place online in The Bookshelf Facebook group on the Happily Ever Ginger Facebook page HERE. This is where you’ll view and participate in our weekly discussions and receive any and all group updates and announcements. The group itself is open for anyone to join, but will appear private to those who are not members in order to maintain The Bookshelf’s exclusivity and uphold a certain level of privacy for all of you.

Our main focus, and the majority of what we read in The Bookshelf, will be faith-based books, with the occasional non-faith-based fiction or “self-help” book thrown in for fun. We will try our best to switch things up each session, and are always accepting recommendations from all of you, so that we can connect with as many of you as possible!

Photo Credit: Ryan Reynolds - 514 Photography

Photo Credit: Ryan Reynolds - 514 Photography

While most book clubs tend to read one book a month, our reading schedule will realistically depend on the length and reading level of each book. We want this to be fun, not stressful or boring; we don’t want to crawl through a shorter book or rush through a longer one just to meet a certain deadline, and we know all too well that life just get's crazy sometimes! 

Each session, a new book will be announced, and an Amazon Affiliate* link will be provided that will take you directly to where you can purchase your copy in any form you’d like (Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, etc.). A reading schedule will be provided for you to have on hand, as well as weekly reminders through the group page for you to reference.


Our discussions will begin every Monday throughout each session, and will center around the reading from the previous week. Each conversation thread will be open-ended and will not be closed at the end of the day Monday, so discussions may continue throughout the remainder of the week. We do realize, however, that participating in our discussions may not be everyone's cup of tea. Please know that it is by no means mandatory or required; you are more than welcome to just read along with us! 

Finally, an overall review and rating for each book will be uploaded here on the Happily Ever Ginger website once each session is done, so those who aren't a part of The Bookshelf can see what we thought! 

Dates to Remember:

Monday, September 18th - our first book will be announced

Monday, October 2nd - we will begin reading

Monday, October 9th - our first discussions will begin! 

If you would like to join us in The Bookshelf, make sure you click the button below and join our Facebook group! We can't wait to dive in and see where God leads us! Please take a few minutes to read a more in-depth Q&A to help answer any questions you may have HERE

I'm so thankful for all of you! 

xo. Rachel