We're Back! - Meet Briella Ensley & A Little Life Update

Hello friends! We’re back!

It’s been a few months – or five. *insert cheesy smile emoji* We’ve had our hands a bit full with work, family events, and, of course, a new little addition to our family.

On February 21st at 2:54 am, after 46 hours of (very slow) labor, I gave birth to our beautiful girl, Briella Ensley. She was born weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces and measuring 21 inches long crying the daintiest, most adorable cry you ever did hear. Her cheeks were chubby, her hair was fluffy, and my momma heart was full. She was practically perfect in every way.

Here we are, just over 3 months later, and I can honestly say that being a momma, being her momma, is something I was made for. She is the most beautiful girl, inside and out, and I am loving seeing her personality already shine so brightly. She’s a sensitive soul, is extremely chatty, loves to smile, and currently finds her feet extremely entertaining. She sleeps through the night (we are speaking hard against sleep regression, in Jesus name!), has mastered “the lip”, and is almost rolling over on her own. She’s brought so much joy and meaning into our lives, and filled a place in our hearts that we didn’t even know was empty. She’s just the most sweet and precious gift.

In March, I turned the big 2-7, which I truthfully find such a strange, random, and odd-numbered age. Nothing exciting to see here folks, just sitting smack dab in the middle of 25 and 30. A few weeks ago, Cameron’s youngest brother, Christian, graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in wildlife and fisheries! And, in just a few weeks, he’s getting MARRIED! I would insert a WHOOP! But, I’m not actually an Aggie, so is that even allowed? I also celebrated my first Mother’s Day, a holiday that, now that I can participate, is actually really fun to be a part of!

All in all, it’s been a magical few months with our baby girl. I wouldn’t trade one second of it. I love watching people love her, and I love seeing the joy she’s brought into the lives of those around us. She’s a dream, and I could not be more thrilled and honored to be her momma. She makes life fun, and I am so excited to watch her grow. I’m so excited to be posting Briella’s birth story next week, so get ready - it’s a good one!

I am so pleased to say that HEG posts will be starting back up from here on out *hooray!* and I am in the process of restructuring my content and my site (thanks to a super sweet friend) to be more valuable and enjoyable for all of you lovelies. Thanks for sticking with me – It’s been quite a crazy year!

 xo. Rachel