20 Week Pregnancy Update

It seems like it was just yesterday that Cameron and I were discovering I was already 6 weeks into growing a little Squish inside of me. Now, here I am at the 20 week mark, halfway through my pregnancy!


The Rundown

Baby G is growing at a super healthy rate (currently about the length of a large banana), thriving and loving life in there! I’m getting bigger every day, feeling all of the soreness, aches and pains that, surprisingly, no one ever really seems to talk about. I never really had much morning sickness (praise the Lord), but did have a lot of nausea and food aversions, most of which have thankfully now subsided.

I finally started feeling Baby moving last week, and y’all, it’s truly one of the most beautiful experiences! I’m living in (and loving) maternity jeans, and have already admitted that I don’t think I will ever want to wear normal jeans again. *shoulder shrug* I’m convinced Lucy can hear Baby when she lays her head on my belly, though when I ask her if she’s excited to be a big sister she just stares at me like I’m the crazy one.

Halfway through, I’m finding it more and more difficult to sleep through the night – a mixture of both being uncomfortable and having to use the restroom every 2 hours. I did, however, recently acquire a long body pillow which has quickly become my greatest bedtime companion. I also get in trouble every appointment for not drinking enough water, which, as some of you may know, is absolutely my least favorite thing to drink. So… there’s that.

Due Date

February 15th, though it was initially the 16th.

Baby G’s Heart Rate

Averaging 150 bpm – “practically perfect in every way.”

Baby G’s Size

At our sonogram last week, Baby was about 10 ounces which is right where he/she should be!


Root Beer


Peanut M&M’s


Mac N Cheese

Banana Bread


There are so many exciting things in pregnancy, especially your first pregnancy. So many firsts! Taking the test and seeing those two pink lines. Coming to the realization that you’re having a baby! Telling your friends and family. Going for that first sonogram and realizing that “this is really happening!” One of the biggest highlights so far has been getting to see our little Baby G in the sonograms last week moving around and actually looking like a tiny human. Our sonographer walked us through everything he was doing, pointing out Baby’s spine, bones, brain, heart, facial features, and pretty much anything else you could possibly think of! We were getting to see our baby for the first time! I have also absolutely loved getting to feel Baby move and hear their heartbeat. It’s magical.


I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been fearful of anything throughout this journey so far. I mean, it’s a lot of change - BIG change! As someone who grew up knowing she wanted to be a mom, my biggest goal is to do everything I can to be a good one. I want to nurture and care for our baby in the best ways possible. I want to raise him/her to love, respect, and be kind to others and him/herself. I want them to grow up knowing their value and worth; knowing that they are loved beyond measure. I know I’ll make mistakes and I won’t always do it perfectly, but I sure can try. It’s a lot to take in. Sometimes I sit back and think of all of the things that we won’t be able to do anymore; all of the things that will change and be different. But on the other end of all of that, there are so many new and amazing things we get to experience and do as a family. The experience of motherhood in general is a huge blessing, one that I am beyond grateful and excited for. And that far outweighs even the tiniest fears.

Overall, it’s been a crazy fun and exciting season full of firsts. While it’s come with it’s fair share of challenges, I’ve loved every second of it. We are so excited and beyond grateful for this beautiful blessing. Getting to watch and feel our baby growing every day has been the most incredible experience, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Here’s to the next 20 weeks!

xo. Rachel