Since first announcing Happily Ever Ginger, I’ve shouted from the rooftops that one of the things I’m most excited about is that this is an interactive space – a community for you to be a part of and actively get involved with, and a place where you feel like you’re a part of something that means something. It is for that reason that I am so excited to officially announce #LifeWellLoved!


#LifeWellLoved is a ministry campaign designed to empower and motivate others to lean into the season they’re in, find beauty in the small things, be intentional with their time, and live a life well-loved. It’s an initiative to bring encouragement and support to those who participate, serving as a daily reminder to wake up and go out and chase after your dreams and callings, no matter how big or small they may be and without comparison. It’s about igniting the fire in your heart and using it to point everyone towards Jesus. #LifeWellLoved is the foundation of Happily Ever Ginger – it’s the heart behind everything we do!

For years I believed that I couldn’t truly begin walking in what God is calling me to because I didn’t have the money, knowledge or resources to make it happen yet. Over time, however, the Lord has shown me how my skills and passions can be used even now, in the small, everyday things. Walking in your calling doesn’t always have to be a huge, monumental event, and it certainly doesn’t always have to look a specific way. God uses us to help build His Kingdom; He paves the way and leads us into situations where we can learn and grow because He’s using us! Now more than ever, we need to come together and encourage one another, spreading love, kindness and positivity in any way possible. We need to lift one another up in our adventures and journeys, and motivate each other to stand up and start doing what sets our hearts on fire.

And that, my dear friends, is where you come in.

Participating in the #LifeWellLoved campaign is extremely easy. Simply add the hashtag #LifeWellLoved to your social media pictures and posts and they will automatically be added to boards and lists that can be seen by millions, helping spread motivation, boldness and encouragement to people everywhere. It empowers people to embrace their calling, chase after their dreams, make the most of their life and have fun doing it. This will look differently to everyone; there are no rules or guidelines. #LifeWellLoved can caption anything and everything that shows you living and loving life, however that looks for you! Through the #LifeWellLoved hashtag, you will be connected to others participating in the campaign, and allows us here in the HEG family to know who we can be praying for. Our social media and the HEG Blog will provide you with encouragement, tools and resources to grow in your faith as you learn what it looks like to walk in your calling and have fun making the most of the life you’ve been blessed with.

Happily Ever Ginger celebrates authenticity and uniqueness, because there’s beauty and power in being authentically you. Each of us has different beliefs, opinions, perspectives, and interests, and that’s a wonderful thing! Imagine a world full of kind and powerful people boldly stepping out, sharing the Gospel, and pursuing what the Lord is calling them to do! We are all unique because God made us so, and that in no way excludes our passions and dreams. They are not too big or too far out of reach!

There so much in store for #LifeWellLoved, and what we love most is that it is whatever YOU make it! We hope you choose to join us as we begin this adventure. We believe the Lord will continue to work through this campaign and allow it to grow beyond what we can see now, and we can’t wait! Our lives are fun and beautiful, and they deserve to be well-loved!

xo. Rachel